The Spectacle of Insinuation

Words are brutal. Language is tactile. And, definitions? Well . . . they are often oblivious.

Recently, I wrote this about someone:

She’s a really special person, with quality attributes and striking characteristics.

Here is the Urban dictionary definition of what appears on the surface to be a compliment:

The whore is an obnoxious worst thing that happened to this earth but with great skill and unusual features.

The Urban Dictionary truly puts “spectacle” into common interactions. And, that is just the beginning when removing the layers of verbiage, which crosses over to our exercises in humanism.


The topic of Memes grew to be a standard-bearer after quite a few years of declaration. Having written “some” early stories regarding Memes – it was quite surprising to observe the evolution of acceptance for what was an originally shunned concept. In first stories on Memeology, there was no rally around the flagpole of adaptation.  It was at least five to seven years of adjustment.

The same language barriers that exist in the sub-culture of an Urban cipher on terminology can cross-over to the Memeological thread of communities. Where a community has long existed with an insular dictionary of conversational fodder, conceptual thinking (or lack thereof), and acts of reproduction that ensure the longevity of communal roles and responsibilities . . . a new dictionary erupts with the dictum of forbearance that is often disclusional to anyone other than the sub-culture itself.


Don’t let this happen to your town. 🙂 And, nod if you understand.

All hail the Laws of Consequence and the Skeptical of Insinuation.


Quid Pro Quo

Latin, the root of many languages I recollect being a required course in high school in my youth. Of course, I elected to study French, Spanish and a semester or two of Latin. My sister mastered Latin. At the time, I didn’t have the appreciation for foreign languages but felt they sounded pretty chipper.

However, in legalities Latin terms are tumultuous. Very depth-ridden. Scary. Kind of featuring a foreboding and thought there is MORE to come. . .

Recently, I was in court – pro se – in a 50C filing due to Cyberstalking, Stalking, and other crapoleigh and I won’t go into the gruesome details . . . the Defendant, of course, hired the local attorney with a million dollar win under his belt. He’s a slick, silver fox, type of bloke who reminds me of a ponzi scheme character.

My interlude at pro se was like Passion of the Christ and between the Defendant’s attorney and the judge I was lashed repeatedly for three hours while assistants and Defendant laughed as well as a young resident girlfriend in the courtroom.

It occurred to me – jurisprudence is lost and Latin, she’d just shudder if she knew what this system has done to her.

More to come . . .