The business of time and communication

The end of the year provides such melancholy, and opposing bliss, that we waver like the tide. Hopefully, each of us between these rises and falls grow increasingly aware of our moments where faith stirs our hearts toward greater aspirations of humanity; while we cope with the currents of business and time and minutia of communications set to pierce our hearts as they maneuver in those aspirations.

Life is a complicated journey.

To all the Carthagians I’ve grown to love ~ thank you for remaining aware of faith in aspiration that far outweighs those piercing interludes we, together, overcome blissfully.

Each of you have restored my soul.

Happy and Joyous Noel

with God’s blessings as we aspire into 2018 . . .

The Spectacle of Insinuation

Words are brutal. Language is tactile. And, definitions? Well . . . they are often oblivious.

Recently, I wrote this about someone:

She’s a really special person, with quality attributes and striking characteristics.

Here is the Urban dictionary definition of what appears on the surface to be a compliment:

The whore is an obnoxious worst thing that happened to this earth but with great skill and unusual features.

The Urban Dictionary truly puts “spectacle” into common interactions. And, that is just the beginning when removing the layers of verbiage, which crosses over to our exercises in humanism.


The topic of Memes grew to be a standard-bearer after quite a few years of declaration. Having written “some” early stories regarding Memes – it was quite surprising to observe the evolution of acceptance for what was an originally shunned concept. In first stories on Memeology, there was no rally around the flagpole of adaptation.  It was at least five to seven years of adjustment.

The same language barriers that exist in the sub-culture of an Urban cipher on terminology can cross-over to the Memeological thread of communities. Where a community has long existed with an insular dictionary of conversational fodder, conceptual thinking (or lack thereof), and acts of reproduction that ensure the longevity of communal roles and responsibilities . . . a new dictionary erupts with the dictum of forbearance that is often disclusional to anyone other than the sub-culture itself.


Don’t let this happen to your town. 🙂 And, nod if you understand.

All hail the Laws of Consequence and the Skeptical of Insinuation.


Refreshing for fall

Fall is upon us!Fall is coming upon us pretty quick – there is some reprieve in the air – not so many high heat index days and this is welcoming. Of all seasons, I do believe fall is my favorite and spring, of course, is second. Fall seems to ring in the seasons of sharing and caring with less concerns – the fiscal calendar ends – work is more routine and the days are softer.

Spring is joyous because of the newness of everything and it does naturally implore you toward accomplishments, which often conveys to work.

fall2But Fall has her efforts – winterizing the homestead – prepping for holiday activities – finalizing life prior to a New Year and the promises of a better future in the tomorrow(s) of change.

The little town of Carthage is undergoing spurts of change in preparations for winter and spring. A Bo Jangles was instituted and while not necessarily a sign of progress – it has instilled a need for the Hardees to tear down those walls and reface.

It is curious in an area of growth, why more sustainable planning isn’t enacted on the front end of development. It appears such a small community doesn’t see any infrastructure revitalization requirements because the infrastructure is nominal at best. Good people live in Carthage and they do deserve quality planning as the area grows because it is growing and it is going to do so on the terms of every proponent of change – whether good or bad, which doesn’t mean right or wrong.

0_OvalLogoThe juxtaposition of farms to future requires a delicate balance and while Bo Jangles isn’t a dangling modifier – it is an express statement of the “potential” of change making its demands rather than citizenry demanding change in a proactive manner to meet their needs. Certainly, the citizens of Carthage on limited budgets may be better served by enhanced mom and pop shops or eateries with more eye on quality than quantity and the potential for the psychology of dining over fast food consumption.

Until next time . . . “Q” signing out . . .