To Permit Wins . . . It Appears

carthage-town-seal-4bXYB1In answer to the “To Permit or Not To Permit” blog – it appears Code Enforcement has determined that “To Permit” “Wins!”

A sign has been placed on the property in question citing the need to “correct” the permit issue and to bring to code / ordinance within ten (10) days with zero public nuisance before the sun rises.

The plot thickens . . . more to come!

Thank you Town of Carthage Code Enforcement Avenger!

Little Bird Talk . . .

Once upon a time there was a little bird who learned how to talk, his name, surprisingly is Little Bird.



He thought, talking is good. I like talking.

Little Bird lives in a little town and Little Bird talks, and talks, and talks. He talks so much other little town Critters talk back to him. And, because Little Bird “also listens” the other Critters share stories and their secrets with Little Bird.

Now, Little Bird has more to talk about.

He shares his stories, Little Lamb’s stories, Silver Fox’s stories, Wild Hare’s stories, Wise Old Owl’s stories, Slithery Snake’s stories, Fat Pig’s stories, Ugly Duckling’s stories, Crazy Chicken’s stories, Junk Yard Dog’s stories and other Critter’s stories from the little town.


Everyone knows Little Bird is a good talker and a good listener and stories are easy to share with Little Bird because he listens and retells the stories, and everyone has a story to tell . . . and more importantly . . . everyone likes to hear their story was told.

Eventually, Little Bird shared a story he was told that arrived in my own ears. It goes something like this:



“In a small town like my town, where Little Bird, Little Lamb, Silver Fox, Wild Hare, Wise Old Owl, Slithery Snake, Fat Pig, Ugly Duckling, Junk Yard Dog and the other Critters live, work and/or visit . . . a clandestine tradition exists – it is a tradition of deciding who lives freely without strife in the small town and who three (3) or four (4) Bad Critters decide to ruin by forming a pact to run the new Critters (like me and my family) out of town.


“Basically, it is a secretive group of Bad Critters, who meet (for reals) and create a course of action to ruin new Critter’s prospects at good futures once Bad Critters decide they don’t want new Critters to stay.”

I thought, this sounds a little like a novel, kind of unbelievable, but . . . Little Bird furthered . . .


“Now, all the Bad Critters who participate in Bad Critter Hate Groups might not live directly in the little town because living in the town isn’t essential to the process. They just have to have business, work or family in the little town and feel as if the new Critters they target must go for the Bad Critters to feel empowered. It is usually about the Bad Critters feeling more powerful by harming others or they are simply just prejudiced Bad Critters or they have an imaginary reason for ruining Critters they target with hate-mongering and prejudice.

“The Critters these Bad Critters intend to ruin may run competing businesses, or be single and noticed by Critters the Bad Critters like, and therefore they view the new Critters as competition, or perhaps they are from a different Critter religion, or another Critter race, or Critter ethnicity.


“Yet again, it might be because the new Critters are outspoken and speak their mind or say things the Bad Critters don’t like to hear.

“Of course, the new Critter that is targeted could be from the north and referred to as ‘Yankee Critters’ or any host of other reasons the Bad Critters deem reason enough for hatred and group tactics created to harm new Critters in little towns – it could be the new Critter didn’t like the Bad Critter’s business ideas and applied a “just say no” technique and the Bad Critter got angry the new Critter wouldn’t work for them.


“Whatever the Bad Critter Group finds grates their knuckles – is enough to set them to the task of evildoing and hate-mongering and they develop a plan to target and attack the new Critter and the Bad Critters create hardship, mental anguish and/or cause ruination in order to run the new Critter out of town.”

I was somewhat bemused by Little Bird’s outrageous story in a state of disbelief and also shocked. How could any Critter take time out of their Critter lives to form a band of corruption igniting Bad Critter Hate Crimes against other Critters in the community or town where they operate a business and/or live or work? I thought to myself, willing to hear more – this just cannot be true.


I asked, “Are you certain Little Bird that they don’t have to live in my little Critter town?”

“No,” said Little Bird, “. . . Bad Critters who make this pact don’t have to “live” in your little town. These Bad Critters may just visit or work there. Like I said, it only takes a small group of them – three (3) or four (4), to work together to attempt to wreak havoc and harm Critters like you.”

I thought again, Wow – how jealous and full of hate would Bad Critters have to be to act in that manner?

He added, “They might even be Bad Critter Christians who attend Church on Sunday and share their plans with folks in the congregation.”



Couldn’t believe my ears . . . say it isn’t true Little Bird . . . I thought silently.

What Little Bird didn’t seem to know is – if these are business owning Bad Critters or state and/or local Bad Critter employees, religious Bad Critters, local government personnel Bad Critters than this is “Public Corruption” – a crime the Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutes.

Acting in a Hate Group manner as a clandestine activity where targeted attacks are planned in secret is a criminal act when it is against any “other” Critter in any village, town, municipality, county, state and nation, expressly in America as a targeted and “planned” action.

Beginning a cooperative hate campaign against a Critter or Critter family or race or creed or religious affiliation is considered a “hate crime.”


Just because Bad Critters decide they don’t like other Critters, they don’t have the right to create a campaign of hate and/or attempts to cause ruination to harm Critters whether in the little town or the United States of America.


I didn’t mention Public Corruption to Little Bird, he’d been active in Critter Law and knew all about hate crimes and public corruption as well as prejudice and civil rights violations.

I thought a little more while processing Little Bird’s story . . . Little Bird must know even in a small town a hate crime is a hate crime – just because it isn’t a burning Critter chapel – doesn’t mean it isn’t a Bad Critter Hate Crime. I thought too, Gosh a personal injury and a criminal lawsuit may prevail here.

Little Bird continued, “This is an easy thing for a group to do in a small town like your small town. It has been being done for decades. The Bad Critter Hate Group gets together, creates a plan and begins lodging false complaints, false accusations, taking turns reporting made up stories and report them to services and agencies so those individuals don’t suspect the same folks are involved. If a Critter they target has a handicap or is a disabled Critter family member – they double-down and make falsified reports on the Disabled Critters or against Critter children or Critter parents to wreak the most havoc on Critters they target who may not believe what they believe and therefore the Bad Critters believe they have to go. The Bad Critter Hate Group starts rumors and manipulates media and/or develops misrepresented complaints, etc. The Bad Critter Hate Group continues this process until they have created drama while also targeting other groups suggesting Critters they hate don’t believe like the other groups and often the Bad Critter Hate Group has folks who believe the Bad Critters are truthful.

“Often their friends have no idea of the extent of their hatred and lies and don’t question intent. Eventually, this leads to buy-in to the lies. If the Bad Critters have friends in local government or law enforcement, etc. they begin to create falsified reports – anything they can do the Bad Critters Hate Group does, until the Critters they target in their Hate Campaign either leave because there is no quiet enjoyment or have problems that cause injury or they are physically and emotional harmed (personal injury). This is much like bullying and often Critters commit suicide from being bullied. If the Bad Critters have money – they may own businesses in small towns and patrons may follow their advice without question.”

“Why?” I asked Little Bird.

Little Bird responded, “Well, Critters in a little town like yours have a lot of time on their hands. When a new Critter arrives who is artsy, attractive, competitive, intelligent, liberal or perceived to be liberal because they are outspoken, if they are from the north or if are another religion, mixed race, part Native American, etc. and if the hateful Bad Critters believe they don’t seem to know their place (meaning beneath the Bad Critters) or the Bad Critters decide they don’t like the other Critters they target with a Hate Campaign and Public Corruption – Disability Hatred, etc. then they just begin to target until they get rid of them.”


Shocked, I just didn’t understand how any Critters could spend time trying to harm other Critters.

Little Bird said he’d seen it time and again and added, “Critters like you have to be careful not to rub some Critters the wrong way – they’ll create falsified reports until a Critter is being investigated for stuff they make up. With three (3) to four (4) of them sharing the same lies – Critters they complain to tend to believe them. That’s all it takes – just a few folks to make some stuff up and a plan to ruin a Critter here – I’ve watched Bad Critters do it time and again.”

Well, Little Bird shared these Critter facts. I listened. I didn’t say much. And, I was better informed. Other Critters should be better informed too.



So, what can a Critter do if Little Bird’s story happens to them?

Here are some resources:

Visit the Department of Justice Hate Crimes Division: – with two (2) family members who are veterans of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) I can share these are solid people who are typically stalwart in their dedication to serve and protect the laws of the United States of America, which the my little town and “other” Critters’ Towns answer to.

DHC-logo-picIdentify with Community Policing Development Program: and introduce local law enforcement to this grant solicitation being shared for March 2020.

Learn about Civil Rights:

Learn Federal Civil Rights:

hate-crime-reporting-centre-logo-3-colourParticipate in Victim Services Platforms:

Know the Statutes:

Learn more about Religious Discrimination:

Learn about your LGBTQ Rights:

logo-696x696Learn about Public Corruption and how to combat it:

Identify with Hate Speech and Hate Groups: – does three (3) or four (4) create a hate group?

Study the types of hate groups:

There is an abundance of resources to learn more about hate campaigns, hate groups, hostile acts, public corruption and how what Little Bird shared as a standard in the my little town, according to Little Bird, for decades is actually against federal, state and local laws.

Don’t permit the bad Critters to reign over the good Critters and all celebrate all Critters being co-equals.


Don’t let bad Critters use Hate Crimes Against You!


To Permit or Not Permit – that is the Question . . .

In our little Town of Carthage, there is leadership by nature of our Town’s Board of Commissioners and Mayor, a Town Manager, our Town Clerk and folks in varied additional offices.

These folks work tirelessly to aid our Town’s continued growth. Ordinances and Rules or Laws have been identified within our community. In the Historic District Ordinances and Rules are a wee bit different from Downtown Business Corridor and apply to the nature of the infrastructure.

What happens in a such as Carthage when a property owner deems themselves above the Town Ordinances, Rules, and/or Law?

Well, to my knowledge thus far, absolutely nothing.

In the example of a property owner breaking Town Ordinances, Rules and/or the Law as a heir newly provided oversight of an estate and business making the individual wealthier than the average Jane or Joe Citizen – the act of noncompliance and total disregard is thus far inconsequential. Instead of enforcement levied regarding infractions – as it is with Average Citizens (you know the modest income nobodies), the heirs of a millionaire fortune are enabled to ignore the Town and its Citizens – while suggesting where permits are required they aren’t obliged to follow them as they do whatever they desire with “no” consequences other than a few telephone calls.

Where the Town Manager gains reassurance “eventually” (while still breaking Ordinances, not permitting and having workers who are not licensed or bonded, and continuing work cited as wrongful)  “We’ll bring the property into compliance.”

This response is conveyed to Citizens as “an issue resolved,” by the Town Manager who appears negligent in the Town’s Management and if this is the response to a complainant when someone is egregiously violating Ordinance and Code and not gaining permits – there is a problem Houston.

So, what is going on?

Presently, in the Historic District of Carthage North Carolina, a plot of land aligning McReynolds Street, the main thoroughfare within the Historic District, is owned by children of a man who made his fortune through the business acumen of paving. The father passed in 2018, followed by the mother in 2019. God rest their souls.

The son, their heir, was given steed over their private home and adjoining property within the Historic District. Of course, the son lives in the more pristine golf community of Pinehurst about fifteen (15) miles away. So, his clear-cutting, and building without permit, and without considering Town Ordinance, Rules and/or the Law is ineffectual in his life because he doesn’t experience the water main being severed by him and his father’s prior workers (by not following Ordinances and the Town’s markings forced on him, rather than requested prior to any installations and/or ground-breaking).

First, 100% deforestation of the children’s’ father’s and mother’s property, which remained virtually untouched for over fifty-years. In allowing the land to “breath” as the son put it, clear-cutting began with a small section of a few trees, to an entire stretch, to the entirety of the property. Of course, many citizens were upset. The old saying, “His father is probably rolling over in his grave,” applies here. However, it is an owner’s prerogative to clear forestation off their property. There are no Ordinances against this practice identified by the Town for the Historic District.

Lumberman hauled away the trees and debris, which were probably sold for value. This is a common theme in Central North Carolina – when the elders pass away – the children clear cut the land, sell the lumber to make a quick return on the property, and while often an eyesore – it is within their right to do so. This is typically seen on country roads – not in the center of the Historic District – but appears to be the norm here after moms and pops die to collect lumber monies, which I will not voice an opinion regarding. However, I do believe in some clear-cutting to give a property room for use rather than it all being forestation necessarily.

Second, the property’s planned construction – evident by markings and placement of markers – features no permits thus far and the Town, seemingly beholding to the family for paving contracts of many years, only advise to gain reassurance, then wait for the “potential” of compliant behavior, which is a pipe dream as there will be no intent to adjust unpermitted work and/or against Ordinance work post-haste because enforcement is obviously not a concern – so the “When we have to do so” just won’t ever happen.

Third, fence has been being installed, without permit and against Ordinance. The fence runs alongside McReynolds Street where Ordinances clearly identify the permitted use of fencing, which the fence is non-compliant regarding.

Fourth, when the Town Clerk sent out a member of their team to the property where the son was busily having fence installed by his father’s former workers – the fence that is against Ordinance – the son was instructed to go to the Town Office and get a permit, which, of course, he refused and continues to, refuse to do. The Town did have the cable, electric company, and water company mark where their lines are and then the heir managing his millionaire father’s estate cut the water line anyhow. Lord only knows what he’ll cut next.

Fifth, when the Town marked the property, after arriving on the scene and notating no permits were gotten and that the fence was / is against Ordinance aligning McReynolds Street – the son continued the build of fence without permits and against Ordinance and then cut the Historic District water main, which the Town had to have repaired and at expense to citizens – thank you for that wealthy son of a former neighbor.

Sixth, when the Mayor, Commissioners, and others were alerted the ongoing installation is a) against Ordinance, b) hasn’t been permitted, c) resulted in cutting of the water main – the Town’s Manager contacted the son’s sister – because the son refuses to address any of the Town’s management as he believes (from his own conversation) they are just ineffectual and don’t really matter very much. The sister “reassured” the Town Manager when her brother finishes installing unpermitted and outside of Ordinance fencing – they will then remove the fence that is against Ordinance and “bring it to compliance when a time arises they need to do so” while continuing to install against Ordinance without permits after cutting the water main.

Seventh, when the son is addressed by anyone regarding the debacle, he suggests he has to keep neighbors off the land and needs a high retaining fence against Ordinance – when until the neighbors stated they won’t sell their property to the millionaire’s heir – who stated he wanted to buy their land because he had plans for it – the heir was friendly and conversant with same.

Because neighbors said, “No we aren’t selling,” after fencing was already being installed on Pinecrest Street – suddenly the heir had a “grave concern” for interlopers over what is virtually a big piece of cleared land without buildings. The adjoining neighbor’s property the father’s heir is “concerned to protect from” is where fencing has not to date been placed. I don’t know about you – but if “I” were concerned about neighbors and had to install high-rise fencing to ensure my cleared land was not encroached on – I’d place fence bordering the neighbor I was concerned about first (not last). Wouldn’t you?

The neighbors since the son’s parents passed away, have not been on the heir’s land; however, the parents permitted Town of Carthage Citizens to hold yard sales and walk their dogs there without issue for many, many, years – currently – it is all pre-foundation dirt – there is no reason to go onto their property – it is a mess – no one would desire to.

Eighth, after refusing to engage one of the Town’s Commissioners, the sister of the son answered the Town Clerk, “We’ll remove the fence and reinstall it to compliance when the need arises.” This is after being told of need to permit and need to be in compliance with Ordinances and that fence (at six foot high) alongside the main thoroughfare in the Historic District not meeting Historic District Ordinance for fencing, which has to be either three (3) feet for closed fence and only up to five (5) feet for open fence as well as thirty (30) feet from the road – all of these elements are not adhered to.

The Town is biting the bullet because the wealthy family just blew off the Town, the Townspeople, Ordinances and Permits and the Town won’t enforce them – it appears they are afraid to do so.

Ninth, when the Town went to the property and shared with workman Ordinance and expressed permits were required – the new owners of the parent’s lifelong accomplishment totally blew off the Town Clerk and everyone else associated in the Town’s Offices as ineffectual and then chided the neighbor’s by taunting them while yelling and cursing in an aberrant manner, probably having been informed they’d complained for the lack of adherence to Ordinance, the lack of permits and the water main being cut.

Tenth, after the Town Clerk and Town Manager contacted, again the sister of the son (who won’t engage the Town while continuing builds without permits against Ordinance) complaints were lodged to the Mayor, Commissioners, Town and Police Department. The sister was told to have the brother of the original owners to go in and get a permit.

Instead, the son, and brother of the sister, cut the water main proceeding with construction after the Town had made markings for cable, electric and water – ignoring same and costing the Town and its Citizens for unnecessary water loss and reparation of water pipes through the Historic District, and, of course, leaving the folks living in the Historic District without water for the majority of the day.

This was the day the cajoling and demeaning behavior by the heir occurred as he taunted the neighbors who wouldn’t sell him their property.

Does a complaint help?

It appears a complaint does not help. If anything, a complaint is considered the inappropriate matter because the issue has to be addressed and no one wants to force the millionaire’s heirs to be compliant in the Town of Carthage, NC.

In fact, after the Town Manager received complaints he called the sister – because the brother won’t address him – and was “reassured” again (while they continue to install and build without permits and against Ordinance) that the property will be brought into compliance once they finish installing the fencing that is not compliant and the Town Manager wrote to the complainant he had basically resolved the matter by gaining the reassurance while permitting and Ordinance continues to be ignored as building continues, that they promise to become compliant in the future.

Say what?

Is there a positive outcome?

Currently, it appears that permits, and Ordinances, in the Town of Carthage do not matter. That if a building, or residential home, owner begin work on a project and permits and/or Ordinances are identified as having to be entered and followed – citizens (all things being equal) can just “reassure” the Town they’ll bring their situation into compliance when the need arises – noting enforcement won’t happen or it won’t happen for the wealthy citizens – so it should be inconsequential for all citizens as well.

This could be a positive outcome, but personally, I believe, it is a potential nightmare.

What about enforcement?

Thus far it appears – enforcement is not a consideration by the Town for the wealthiest families. It has been a consideration for the average citizen in the past; however, with this example to use in any attempted enforcement action, it would seem arguable citizens don’t need to comply with Ordinance and/or gain permits because one of the largest land shares in the Historic District doesn’t fall subject to the Town’s Ordinances, Rules, and/or Laws nor require permits to conduct whatever building they see to undertake in the Historic District.

In fact, it is obvious construction is taking place next due to the foundation leveling of the cleared land. Of course, the Town has no idea what, when, why or how just as with the fencing that is against Ordinance and without permits costing citizens through cutting of the water main without apology of any sort for putting all the Historic District Citizens out of water for a day.

The dream . . .

Well, the good news is, the Town Manager’s permission to allow the wealthy family to continue their construction without permits, against Ordinance, demonstrates all Citizens need to worry less about permits and Ordinances. We can just install six (6) foot high fences alongside both sides of McReynolds in front of all the historic homes and though it will resemble city project fencing – it is not aligning to Ordinance but if we reassure – we are fine.

A number of us have previously took Ordinances, Rules and Law with permits seriously in the past. However, now, it appears, these are inconsequential and it just requires reassuring the Town that they need not worry while we continue doing whatever we like.

Reality . . .

Average Citizen Jane and Joe have routinely been held accountable to permits and Ordinances, Rules and the Law.

The wealthy family gets to do whatever they like without repercussions while touting reassurances and continuing to build without permits and against Ordinance, Rules and the Law and with no ascription to the look and feel of the Historic District – while cutting the water main and costing the Town and its Citizens and without even an apology – rather distasteful behavior.

Equality . . .

Non-existent in the Town of Carthage, County of Moore, Central North Carolina – at least for “now.” If you are wealthy – you do as you please and laugh at the rest of the Townies; basically this is the state of affairs in the Historic District on 26 February 2020.



Town of Carthage Historic District

The Town of Carthage, in Moore County, North Carolina features a Historic District that is on the National Register of Historic Places with approximately eighty-five (85) historic buildings including contributing structures and an object.

This collection of Historic Homes includes Colonial Revival, Cottage, Craftsman Bungalow, Federalist, Foursquare, Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, and Victorian style of architecture. There are some “pre-historic” sites and anomalies and interesting asides. Also, combinations of styles in many of the home designs. Many of these structures have been renovated – a handful are vacant and lying in wait for rediscovery before going to waste – of those, many are still furnished, even though roofing repairs are needed but this is not easily observed by the passerby as the grounds-keeping remains intact within the Historic District.

According to The Gombach Group’s study of the Town of Carthage conducted some years prior,

The Carthage Historic District contains the largest and most intact concentration of buildings reflecting the growth and development . . . from the second quarter of the nineteenth century to the beginning of World War II . . . the county seat of Moore County in the state’s Sandhills region, dates its origins to 1796 . . . the earliest datable buildings are from the early 1850s . . .

The Gombach Group and “other” historic journals typically identify the following homes:

  1. Adams-Bryan House
  2. Carthage Community House
  3. Carthage Methodist Church
  4. Charles Sinclair House
  5. D.A. McDonald House
  6. Dr. John Shaw House
  7. Edgehill
  8. George Calvin Graves House
  9. Harley-Muse House,
  10. Humber-Spencer House
  11. J.F. Cole House
  12. Jenkins-McIver House
  13. Methodist Parsonage
  14. Presbyterian Manse
  15. Seawell House
  16. Shaw-McKeithen House
  17. T.B. King House
  18. T. Jones House

However, this list excludes another sixty-seven (67) Historic notations, which this “series” on the Town of Carthage’s Historic Homes will update over time as we work to achieve the total count with current still photos of each location and perhaps some “videos” as well.

Look for part “2” . . . where images may be added as well as citations for the remaining Historic Homes.

Comedian Ed Tasca’s novel, “GOOD MORNING: Why Is Everyone Here Naked?” releases

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His humorist, playwright and screenwriter awards include (non-comprehensive):
2014 – American Movie Award Finalist for Truthers.
2011 – Screenplay Search Competition Award for Vinegar and Brown Paper.
2009 – Robert Benchley Society Humor Writing Award.
2006 – America’s Funniest Humor Award in several humor publications.
Humor Press Award.
M. Culbertson’s Life and Humor Award.
Page International Screenwriting Competition Semi-Finalist for They Call Me Mother.

His books, columns, and writings include (non-comprehensive):
2019 – Good Morning, Why Is Everyone Here Naked? DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. Novel:
2017 – The Fables of Leonardo da Vinci. RoseHeart Publishing. Collection: ten fables fleshed
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2010 – Lub Dub. Roseheart Publishing. Novel: runaway donor heart is sidetracked when delivery team driver sees girlfriend with another lover.
2010 – Autobiography of a Worm. Eternal Press. Novel: man, fraught with depression descends into murder and madness.
2008 – The Fishing Trip That Got Away. Roseheart Publishing. Novella: comic misadventure in the wilderness that ends in redemption and discovery for both principal characters.
2002 – Return of the Lost Horses. Publish America. Novel: metaphysical romance that takes place over many lifetimes.
1999 – Rosebud (Comedy Short Screenplay). Delonra Films. Sold outright.
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About the Publisher: Laughing Cleaver Press is a satire and comedy imprint of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., a small, woman-owned, traditional and Indie publishing house with over thirty (30) authors and their eclectic titles for discriminating readers.

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Owned, and operated, by Ms. Ann Turner, The Vintage Barn is a small woman-owned business and, as such, deserves a tribute for its resilience in maintaining a visage, which easily could be beamed to Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City,  or Paris (etc.) as a cat’s meow destination for opulence that disavows designer labels (unless they are previously owned of course). Ann demonstrates her visionary art and theater senses, through interior interpretations her guests come back for time and again. Because once bitten, she’ll be the first to say, customers maintain a strong repeat performance. And, if not for the wares, they return for the lady herself because Ann is as eclectic as the items she represents! Most definitely, guests love the advent of occasion at The Vintage Barn that usurps the ideal of routine shopping excursions “and” often at cost savings too boot.

During the summer, when everyone is searching for weekend “to-do’s”, The Vintage Barn is a definite “must visit” destination. Ms. Turner’s collectibles are hand-picked from venues up and down the seaboard. These delightful “previously owned and celebrated” collections are pieced together to create one-of-a-kind results.. Ann is also very personable . . .  she often shares . . . “I don’t price per product – I bundle. Pick the items you like, and I’ll price it affordably for you.” The novel regalia, and décor to choose from, is exhaustive at The Vintage Barn. And, the store is expertly laid out and designed, it is like a museum tour – guests do get lost for some time while visiting. And, if you are an early planner, The Vintage Barn sells out of Halloween goodies early; if it does there’s “other” holidays but you don’t need a holiday to visit. The Vintage Barn is a great experience every, and any, day.

If you aren’t already an aficionado or collector, here’s a quick lesson on the differences between 1) antiques (rule of thumb 100 years or older), 2) retro (1940’s and 1950’s), and 3) vintage (not antique and not retro – usually older than twenty years). While vintage is often used as a “catch-all-phrase” for antique, collectible, pop, previously owned, retro and vintage collections – it is really its own blend of sumptuousness.

The Vintage Barn is registered with the State of North Carolina Film Office as a filming location and a venue for props. It is housed within a historic building and within the  Historic District of Carthage, North Carolina. Hours of operation are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11AM to 5:30PM and Saturday from 12PM to 4:30PM. Location is 108 McReynolds Street, Carthage, North Carolina 28327 in Moore County.

If you are traveling a long distance, as many customers do, be certain to pick a Friday or Saturday when the store is certain to be open . . . and/or call ahead!
Visit: (

Contact to learn more

United Kingdom author Steven Kay’s novel, “Pebbles” soon to release

“Pebbles: Love Across the Morecambe Bay,” is a 2nd edition of author Steven Kay’s work with a new cover and minor plot changes through Iron Mantle Books – a dramatic romance novel imprint.

Iron Mantle Books announces impending release of United Kingdom dramatic romance novelist Steven Kay’s title, “Pebbles: Love Across the Morecambe Bay,” a romance novel about Frank Taylor from northern England who meets Karen, becomes involved and marries – eventually having a son, Mark, together.

Frank and Karen take their work, rest and play seriously and when their grown son sets off in search of adventure he returns with a broken heart. The couple set to task to get Mark back on his feet but a bout of bad luck results in their missing grand-daughter for a few years where they watch their son’s loss first-hand . . . the story unfolds and shares how the most impervious of items during somber life events often result in the most momentous bouts of courage in the face of obstacles that characters can’t see beyond. For Frank and Karen’s son it is a blue slate pebble that turns out to be his good luck charm . . .

This is the first of five titles that Mr. Kay is re-releasing through Iron Mantle Books, an imprint of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. as the first in their Iron Mantle Books imprint, which is expanding to include non-dramatic romance novels fall of 2019 and into 2020. The additional forthcoming novels include:

“In Wordsworth’s Shadow”;
“You and Me”;
“For the Love of My Children”; and
“The Satanic Court.”

About the Author:
Steve Kay was born in Lancashire and he grew up in Hambleton close to Morecambe Bay and the Forest of Bowland. His father introduced him to the great outdoors and his mother showed him how to make the most out of his life. His education started in mathematics and at university transitioned to languages.Steven Kay leads a simple life as a health-food enthusiast, he loves to go lake swimming, cycling and camping. He maintains fluency in Dutch and he intends to retire in Austria where the landscape reminds him of Cumbria but without the continual rains. In Austria he communicates fluently with the locals, and meets up with many flying Hollanders, who also appreciate the Low Countries rather than the Alps. Finally, without a car and TV, Steven values love of a bygone era and the peacefulness it allows him to enjoy.

About the Publisher:
Iron Mantle Books is an imprint of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., a small, woman-owned, publishing house with over thirty (30) authors that features literary fiction and nonfiction written by eclectic authors for discriminating readers the world over.

Bulk and/or Vendor Purchase Orders:
Fact and Sell Sheets are available upon request.
Purchase Orders are accepted via email.
Standard book industry bulk rate reductions apply.

To order pre-release and post-release copies DonnaInk Publications or

Media Contact
Special Markets

Publisher, Publicist and Book Developer, DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. located in “Sweet Carthage” within the J. F. Cole House

Every little town has hidden gems and Carthage North Carolina is no different! Within the city limits is publisher, publicist and book developer, DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.

The Founder and President, Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry resides in the J.F. Cole House, which is located in the Historic District with her son, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor. The J.F. Cole House was bought at auction June of 2017, it had been auctioned a few occasions with “no” purchasers meeting the seller’s (Housing and Urban Development) bottom-line. Thankfully, the Quesinberry – Hatcher purchase met HUD criteria and renovations brought the home to more current standards.

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Authors that Q represents are from nine (9) countries and five (5) continents and she features a variety of imprints, such as: 2nd Spirit Books, Beat Deep Books, Laughingcleaver Press, Ironmantle Books, Moondust Media, Nocturnum’s Muse, Owlhouse Books, Pashar Sage Press, and Thunderforge Pubs, as follows:

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What does DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. do for authors?

As an author’s title representative, DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. reviews the author’s query and synopsis. Upon approval, a title agreement is prepared for the author review, any agreed upon adjustments are executed and then signatures are executed. Once this occurs, a press release is presented to industry regarding representation of the impending title. From there, standard book development and production is committed with copyright and registrations taking place. There is no cost for representation, which may take a year or longer from acceptance and signing of the agreement to production of the book for retail sale. Q states, “We are not a dump and pump entity – books go through layers of development and even at the time of release – I often feel we could have taken more time, but there is a point where you just need to let the title leap in faith.”

During this process, authors are supported through monthly conference calls, newsletters, marketing tips and target / secondary market strategies, etc. that include:

  • Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs)
  • Author Website (3 to 5 pages – that carries an advertiser logo, without logo costs a monthly fee)
  • Audiobooks
  • Author’s Page on DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. Website
  • Book Design and Development
  • CDs
  • CD Cover Design
  • CD Jewel Case Enclosure Design
  • Cover Design
  • eBook Design
  • eBook Formatting and Layout
  • Edit (basic; developmental and/or substantive edits or ghostwriting cost a fee)
  • Fact and Sell Sheets
  • Formatting and Layout
  • Front Matter
  • Ghostwriting (for cost)
  • Graphics
  • Information Page
  • Illustrations
  • Market Kit
  • Press Releases
  • Print in soft or hardbound (terms of production are included in agreement)
  • Registrations
  • Retail Distribution
  • Review
  • Tables
  • Target and Secondary Marketing
  • Etc.

What about unrepresented titles and authors?

Unrepresented titles feature the “same” support services; however, each item has a fee associated with it. Some authors desire to self-publish, or publish elsewhere, but require a cover design, help with formatting, or other requirements that DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. will assist with at cost-effective rates.

To learn more: write to


To visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. you must make an appointment forty-eight (48) hours in advance. There are no “drop-in” visits to the J. F. Cole House.

Faces of Rap Mothers by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell available in pre-release

Faces of Rap Mothers by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell available in pre-release

“Faces of Rap Mothers,” by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell is a first of its kind collaborative compilation, published by Beat Deep Books.

“Faces of Rap Mothers,” by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell is a first of its kind collaborative compilation, published by Beat Deep Books. This title shares gallery images and back-stories of women who are artists, business owners, relatives or mothers of Rap and Hip-Hop’s most infamous Superstar Icons. Candy’s minimalist approach, represents the important women who educated, nursed, represented, supported and upheld Rap and Hip-Hop through their shadowing of its Icons or self-exposure as artisans within the industry. These women rise, oftentimes in the shadows of Ultra-Famous Rap and Hip-Hop performers, who they love. One can only imagine being a cousin, niece, mother, sister or wife of an infamous personality. Quietly observing the rank and file within media, and the music industry, experiencing the waves of success involve with their ebbs and flows in the tides of life, the extreme highs and extreme lows of the path of stardom must inure even the strongest of these women; however, elements of soul remain at the core of their lives and it is demonstrated in, “Faces of Rap Mothers.” Contributors to Mrs. Mitchell’s book include:

Beretta (e.g.: Sharon Lynette Young), CEO of one of the hottest recording studios in Hollywood, many of Rap’s and Hip-Hop’s Superstars record there. Her chapter is certain to entice future music entrepreneurs interested in engineering soulful sounds.

Honey Blunt, a six (6) time award-winning West Coast recording artist; is also a model and dancer as a well-known Rap and Hip-Hop entertainer. Her sultry personality shines in revelations of the boundaries of emergent music trends she fashions to a taste of honey in golden performances.

Monica Davis, ex-wife of a well-known R&B star (we’ll learn who in her excerpt), grew up in Hollywood after spending years touring with Ralph Tresvant Sr. (e.g.: also known as Rizz and Rizzo, American actor, record producer, singer, and songwriter best known as New Edition’s Lead Singer). She’s also dated some very influential Rap and Hip-Hop artists who include LL COOL J, Jessie D., and  Johnny Gill, Jr.

Angel Gilcrest Guyton – illustrious rap and hip-hop celebrity formerly married to two (2) Superstar Producers and an independent woman in her own right – more to come . . .

Queen G (e.g.: Shonta Gibson), award-winning CEO and Owner of Letsgotowork Entertainment Network; also, Animateur de radio at BlackOut Radio and Media Director at CLUB HIS HOP Las Vegas, grew up in Hollywood where she performed as a movie extra. Queen G is Superstar Tyrese’s sister.

Tyaunna Harris, actress and model, grew up within Rap and Hip-Hop and keeps her finger on speed-dial within the industry today . . . we’ll learn more about Tyaunna very soon . . .

O.G. LIL MAMA (e.g.: Angel Hicks), West Coast Hip-Hop Artist grew up with Snoop Dogg. What else is there to say? Looking forward to this slice of music industry history . . .

Lena Moss, Superstar Aaron Hall’s wife and mother of beautiful Kaloni Hall, Lena and Aaron’s daughter. Aaron Hall is an American singer and songwriter whose debut album sold over a million copies and is certified platinum.

Jamie Paris, mother of one of Snoop Dogg’s recording artist, JP Cali Smoov discloses the facts about living the life of a Rap and Hip-Hop Mother.

Nina Womack, award-winning actress, event producer and filmmaker is also the Founder of Transmedia 360° a multimedia and branding agency. Nina has an extensive background in event production, festival, film and theater. She’s also the creator of “Let’s Be Whole” (e.g.: an interactive, grassroots outreach program designed to reach communities of color at high risk for cancer, disease, mental illness, obesity, poverty and other stress-related trauma.). Her son is a producer and she is the niece of Superstar Bobby Womack.


About the Author:
Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell is the niece of a civil rights leader who worked directly alongside Dr. Martin Luther King. This may have resulted in her burgeoning interests as a human rights activist. Mrs. Mitchell has testified on Capitol Hill and aired in national news broadcasts regarding newsworthy topics. She is the creator and executive producer of “The Face of Rap Mothers,” an affiliation of women leaders in the rap industry who work in unison to build better futures for humanity through entrepreneurial, solopreneur and philanthropic efforts. Candy is also the CEO of Black Cash Universal Studios Entertainment and her son is King Tha Rapper – she shares her story in an introductory chapter of, “Faces of Rap Mothers.”

To contact the author write to:


Purchase Information:
“Faces of Rap Mothers,” available in “pre-release” NOW features a 20% discount through the publisher, Beat Deep Books for the signed and unsigned books (e.g.: signed copies are sold at a higher cost). Beat Deep Books is an imprint of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. – visit to order the discounted copies.

“Faces of Rap Mothers” will also be made available on AMAZON, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book retailers very soon . . .


Bulk and/or Vendor Purchase Orders:
Fact and Sell Sheets are available upon request.
Purchase Orders are accepted via email:
Standard book industry bulk rate reductions apply.

Media Contact
Special Markets
Beat Deep Books

J. F. Cole National Registry of Historic Places Airbnb Lifestyle

Slide8In Carthage in Central North Carolina within the Sandhills . . . resides the J. F. Cole National Registry of Historic Places Airbnb Executive Suite / Guest Bedroom. It is a gem among a multitude of treasures that delight the senses and sensibilities. It is our nugget in the stream of life and as proprietors we are happy to share with visitors to our area.

Airbnb Guest Room at J. F. Cole National Historic Registry Home

Mr. Jamie R. Hatcher and Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry are the proprietors of the J. F. Cole National Registry of Historic Places Airbnb Executive Suite / Guest Bedroom – we are a son and mother. Mr. Hatcher is a thirty-seven (37) year old traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor of over sixteen (16) years. Having sustained a work-related brain insult in 2003, Mr. Hatcher (Jamie) has been through the most well-received treatment programs in the nation and now is in community re-entry with supplemental equine and “other” therapies that make his life more enjoyable. He loves to talk with guests about the stars, conspiracy theories and politics but is also very good about letting folks enjoy their privacy when requested.


Ms. Quesinberry is an author, consultant and publisher – as a solo-entrepreneur, Donna features two distinct business tracks:

  • dpInk Ltd. Liability Company – featuring business development, capture administration and proposal solutions – this includes coaching, copywriting, document layout and design, editorial, graphics, process flows, program management, senior technical writing, and website design – etc.
  • DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. – featuring thirty-six (36) authors as a small, woman-owned, traditional Indie publishing house – this includes cover design, editorial, formatting and layout, marketing platform, press kits, publishing, registrations, etc.

When guests arrive at J. F. Cole, even on our tight budget, Mr. Hatcher and Ms. Quesin-berry work to roll out the proverbial red carpet in hope Airbnb guests experience excellence in the Sandhills. Ms. Quesinberry is developing a book that identifies places to see and people to meet while visiting in the Sandhills as a phased project – initially, tried and true venues; secondly, unique finds; and third – unearthed treasures. There is a certain underground flavor in the Sandhills that J. F. Cole Airbnb guests deserve to have occasion to tap into.


Apart from sights and seeing the interesting and/or unusual – the J. F. Cole Historic Home itself has an added layer of mystic. According to the owners original real estate showing realtor (not the listing agent purchased from), the J. F. Cole Historic Home is haunted! Now, Jamie and Donna haven’t officially seen a ghost or ghoul – they have seen a large orb manifest in the reading room and then move up the stairs and knock a picture off the wall but it was a fairly fast trek of light formation, which is nothing like what the realtor suggested of a malevolent ghost chasing another real estate agent from the upstairs bedroom that scared him and the buyers so much they wouldn’t return. While Jamie and Donna state, “Things do go bump in the night,” they share that only positive energies exist within the walls of the J. F. Cole Historic Home.

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In the future, new features are coming to J. F. Cole Historic Home, such as:

  • Author Readings and Book Signings
  • Book Release Launches
  • Craft Classes
  • Single’s Meet and Greets
  • Social Affairs
  • Etc.

And, more and more souvenirs and gifts for guests to consider from their stay in the quaint Town of Carthage in the Central North Carolina Sandhills!

To learn more contact: or

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