There’s no fool like an old fool . . .

Is that statement true? In the past I would have said, definitely maybe, definitely not, or I don’t know. Personally, for me, I now understand it is true. Because I’ve managed to be an old fool.

After a 14-year sabbatical from love and/or romance – I opened my door to the ideal of a relationship, or at least to spooning and watching television with someone. This was a proverbial leap of faith because I’ve done well for myself sticking to the “one woman worldview” over the past 14-years. And, my suitor, someone younger than I, who maneuvered into our home life when I wasn’t looking. And, I allowed it, but it was seemingly innocuous and innocent.

The handifellow working on the yard, the cat enclosure, varied home projects, beginning johnlydon1to apply an occasional back-rub, a hug, kisses on the cheek, laughter, jokes, converted to pal, and then to a somebody, and like the wife I used to be; I dilly dallied along for the ride until he lowered the boom and my jaw was dropped.

helen-mirrenNow I’m sitting in the wreckage, with a bit of shock trauma (not the drink), extra debt, a series of legal dilemmas and to make it all worse I flipped the bill. My innocuous friend? I hear he tells the world he had a, “Sugar Momma,” while I was thinking things innocently transpired and I believe, even though he is in his mid-thirties, his mommy has me pegged as a predatory evildoer but I always believed the age of consent was well-before mid-thirties. And, if it had been a man my age – well – quid pro quo would have stood the course.

. . . the good in it all . . . I can re-enter the dating arena now with my eyes wide open and . . . our former caretaker? Well, he is new and improved, perhaps not as improved as he would have been but more than life delivered to him in the past. He’s had a hard go of it for many years and we did so much to help elevate him – so much for caring.

So shame on me Carthagians – lesson learned; however, my heart was in the right not the wrong place.

Until next time . . . yes – he loved the cooking . . . Da Q.

Be good to one another! Stay warm. Snuggle often. Celebrate life. And, give peace a chance.


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