Election 2016

In a little town like Carthage and modest County such as Moore – elections are highly serious business and you might wonder why.

In a world of tit for tat where knowing who is elected may mean whether or not the community supports your business start-up, the election process is extremely serious because community sanctions levied by the few who rise to the top can make or break people’s lives.

Consider Judges. Community Judges are often elected again and again without much politicking and without a lot of public comprehension. Instead of researching the options, many times communities re-elect Judges that they may not like but not knowing their options they just vote for what they know. When, options and fresh faces may result in better community affairs.

This year – vote for every elective candidate on your ballot and if you don’t like a Judge or another option for candidacy – vote for the opposition – let’s learn together in 2017 and beyond through rich resources.

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